Attracting and retaining the best talent possible is of paramount importance to FCI. One way we achieve this goal is by offering a robust package of benefits and rewards to compliment the highly competitive compensation we offer our team members. This total rewards philosophy allows us to effectively meet the diverse needs of our staff. As candidates move further into our selection process they are provided with additional information regarding the items briefly described below.

For your health:

Health  Benefits

FCI offers health plans that both provide comprehensive health care (including dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage) through an extensive national network of providers.

Flexible Spending Plan

All full-time employees may participate in the Flexible Spending Plan allowing them to set aside “pre-tax” dollars for eligible medical expenses (up to the maximum IRS limit) and dependent care costs (up to the maximum IRS limit). This IRS approved plan allows employees to lower their taxable wages; thereby, lowering their federal and state liabilities.

Benefit Resource Center (BRC)

FCI offers a complimentary Benefit Resource Center (BRC) through a third party administrator. BRC’s benefit specialists can assist M-F 8am-5pm with benefit clarification, claim issues, covered services under the plan and much more!

Paycom Employee Self Service

Our online platform is available exclusively for FCI employees to provide convenient on-demand 24/7 access to benefits information regarding health, wellness bulletins and much more. The user-friendly site offers access to medical, dental, and vision plan summaries, frequently asked questions and a variety of forms.

Protecting your income:

Short-Term Disability (STD)

In the event of illness or injury that leaves an employee unable to work, Short Term Disability Insurance allows you to maintain financial stability for a short period of time. FCI provides all full-time employees with STD coverage at no cost to the employee.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

When an employee cannot work for an extended period due to serious illness or injury, LTD coverage is offered to replace a percentage of the employee’s pay. FCI provides all full-time employees with LTD coverage at no cost to the employee.

Basic Life Insurance

Term life insurance coverage is available to all full-time employees and is provided at no cost to the employee. Coverage is equal to 1 times the employee’s base annual salary, subject to a maximum specified by the plan.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

AD&D insurance coverage is available to all full-time employees and is provided at no cost to the employee. Coverage is equal to 1 times the employee’s basic annual salary, subject to a maximum specified by the plan.

Supplemental Life and AD&D

Additional insurance may be purchased on the employee, spouse, or dependent children. The cost of the coverage is based upon age and the amount of coverage you purchase. Standard coverage amounts range from $50,000 – $ 500,000. In addition, employees can purchase extra AD&D insurance on themselves and their spouse.

Planning your future:

401(k) Plan – Employee Contributions

Under the plan, all employees, upon hire, may set aside part of their earnings for retirement on a pre- or post-tax basis. As a participant, employees may elect to defer not less than 1% and not more than 75% of their compensation each year. The plan offers a variety of funds to choose from, ranging from low-risk secure funds to higher risk funds. Employee contributions, and any related earnings, are always 100% vested.

401(k) Plan – Employer Contribution

Since 2002 FCI has consistently provided an annual double digit contribution to employees! The employer contribution consists of two discretionary components, the profit sharing contribution and the matching contribution. All employer contributions are incrementally vested over a 5 year period.

Tuition Assistance Program

FCI encourages full-time employees to broaden their job-related knowledge by enrolling in educational courses. As such, FCI provides the opportunity for employees who meet certain qualifications to receive reimbursement for tuition paid in pursuit of higher education.

Employees are encouraged to identify courses they believe will be beneficial to their professional growth. As such, FCI provides the opportunity for employees, who meet certain qualifications, to receive reimbursement for costs paid in pursuit of career advancement.

Balancing work and life:


FCI encourages everyone to take vacation for his/her general health and well-being. All full-time employees initially accrue 15 days (120 hours) of vacation leave for each 12-months of employment. The accrual rate gradually increases with increased tenure. Vacation leave begins accruing upon date of hire. A maximum of 160 accrued vacation hours may be carried over into the next calendar year.

Sick Leave

All full-time employees accrue 5 days (40 hours) of sick leave each calendar year. Sick leave begins accruing upon date of hire. A maximum of 360 accrued sick leave hours may be carried over into the next calendar year.


Regular full-time employees receive nine (9) paid holidays per year.

Military Leave

The purpose of this benefit is to ensure there is no loss of pay due to military service for employees who are also members of the Reserves or National Guard. Employees who must be absent from their job in order to participate in temporary military duty are entitled to a maximum of ten (10) work days of paid military leave per calendar year, less the gross pay received from the Government.

FMLA Leave

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) permits qualified employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in a 12-month period (beginning with the commencement of the FMLA event) for specified family and medical reasons.

Jury Duty

FCI supports staff members who are called to do their civic duty. Regular full-time employees who are summoned to serve on jury duty or who are summoned or subpoenaed to appear, except as a defendant in a criminal case, in any court of law or equity, are eligible to be paid for their time served on a jury.

Flexible Schedule

FCI is committed to providing flexible work arrangements, when possible, to allow its employees to maintain a quality work-life balance.

Smart Benefits

FCI offers a Smart Benefits pre-tax deduction program. Smart Benefits can be used for various transportation systems in the Washington, D.C. metro area, to include: Metro, Fairfax Connector, DART, as well as vanpools and Metro-owned parking.


Showing our Appreciation:

Referral Bonus Program

FCI is always looking for exceptional candidates to join our team of professionals. We encourage and appreciate referrals made by existing staff. A referral bonus will be awarded to eligible employees for successful referrals.

Length of Service Recognition

We value our employees’ long standing commitment to FCI and provide a monetary award as they reach milestone employment anniversaries.

Colleague of the Quarter Award

The purpose of the program is to recognize star performers at work who have demonstrated extraordinary imitative and provided outstanding service and for FCI to show appreciation for their efforts.

Annual Excellence Award

The purpose of the program is to recognize employees who demonstrate continuous excellence at work and for FCI to show appreciation for their efforts.

SPOT Awards

The FCI spot award is a means for FCI to recognize employees who have gone above and beyond their regular job duties. SPOT Winners receive an on the spot gift card!

Additional Benefits:

Discount Movie Ticket Program

FCI offers purchase of discounted price movie tickets to national theater chains via the convenience of a payroll deduction.


FCI has an exclusive partnership with TicketsatWork offering exclusive discounts, special offers and access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more.

Online Timekeeping

FCI utilizes a web-based timekeeping tool which gives users convenient 24/7 access to our timekeeping system. This allows us to streamline the administrative process of payroll processing as well as maintaining compliance with DCAA requirements.

Electronic Paystubs and W2

Online pay statements are available 24/7.

Employee Assistance Program

FCI offers a no cost, company sponsored confidential counseling service to help address personal issues. This service is staffed by experienced clinicians who provide up to three telephonic counseling sessions per issue. Employees can call at any time with personal concerns relating to planning for life events or simply managing daily life that may affect work, health and family.

Note: The benefit overviews, as described above, are intended only as a general description of the principal features of the benefit plans available to FCI employees. More detailed explanations of our benefits may be obtained from Human Resources. Although it is our intention to continue the benefits listed on this site, we reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate any benefit at any time to the extent permitted by law. This list of benefits does not constitute a contract nor guarantee any particular benefit. In the event of a conflict between the benefits listed here and our official policies, procedures or plan documents, the text of our official documents are the authority.