Optimizing computing environment operations is at the heart of the government’s nation-wide initiative to cut waste and reform the way agencies are managing and consolidating data. The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), currently evolving into the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI), is forcing agencies to consolidate and close data centers and enhance operations. In parallel, rationalizing and virtualizing critical applications delivers strategic benefits, and is a key step toward use of cloud services. These applications also require high levels of security, resiliency, performance and operational efficiency. Consolidation drives down costs, creates more efficiencies, and reduces the environmental impact. FCI provides state-of-the-art holistic solutions, incorporating best business practices, combining the expertise of our engineers, analysts and system architects, for every aspect of IT consolidation.

Our current areas of Data Center/Cloud Computing support include:

Data Center Consolidation

  • Define strategic goals and initiatives and measurements for success regarding data center consolidation in line with FDCCI/DCOI mandates.
  • Monitor the consolidation and closure of data centers. Maximize the efficiency of remaining data centers, resulting in cost avoidance and long term savings.
  • Manage data discovery and application rationalization, migration and virtualization efforts.

Cloud Computing

  • Strategic planning support with respect to cloud computing solutions; Application Rationalization and Migration implementation; and integration with Data Center consolidation and closure efforts.
  • Synchronize architectures, capabilities and content hosted in a cloud capability to ensure that information sharing and data remains Visible, Accessible, Understandable, Trusted, and Interoperable (VAUTI).
  • Support the identification of Computer Network Defense – Service Provider (CND-SP) tasks, roles, and responsibilities for subscribers to a commercial service provider to meet DOD CNDSP mission requirements at all impact levels.
  • Lead the development of Cloud-focused Architectures for complex networks to provide the foundation for Cloud capabilities with the intent of providing a path for successful Cloud adoption.