Satellite communications (SATCOM) are a crucial element in national and global information exchange. FCI has decades of experience supporting a range of multi-channel, multi-band SATCOM technologies throughout their lifecycle. FCI is also experienced in the acquisition, management, operations and maintenance of the SATCOM components of the nation’s Nuclear Command, Control and Computer (NC3) systems. Our activities include capability and technology assessments, policy development, acquisition, integration, testing, evaluation, deployment, and operations and maintenance.

Our current areas of SATCOM support include:

Requirements Development

  • Assisting in the requirements development process and helping determine the operational capability needs of SATCOM users in all three areas of SATCOM systems – space, control and terminals.
  • Development and analysis of the current/future SATCOM network connectivity and loading analysis models


  • Create fixed and mobile SATCOM architectures and system integration plans
  • Seamless integration of SATCOM architectures into the customer’s enterprise and tactical systems
  • Development of CONOPS and operational guidance

Acquisition Support/Funding

  • Provide acquisition support to include in depth knowledge of how to implement the PPBE process throughout government
  • Assisting in the development and execution of customer’s five year budget cycles (POM)
  • Perform acquisition-related systems analysis, integration, planning, and coordination
  • Assisting in the development of technical recommendations regarding fielding and acquisition decisions
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)/Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA) expertise


  • Conduct of site surveys and other preparatory activities to determine the optimum locations and use of new systems
  • Coordinate production, delivery, integration, inspection, and shipment of satellite terminal systems. Fully versed in the Military Construction (MILCON) process and procedures to include scheduling, execution and budgeting
  • Conduct site preparations and installation of terminals

Test and Evaluation

  • Assist in the development of test and evaluation strategies and approaches
  • Develop, implement, and conduct test plans
  • Conduct terminal/modem certification in all frequency bands for compatibility, interoperability and controllability
  • Provide recommendations for design or configuration modifications needed to meet compliance

Operations and Maintenance

  • Provide 24×7 satellite controller operations support, resolving operational issues among vendors, users, and satellite operators
  • Provide assistance and recommendations for the optimization of satellite communication payloads across multiple systems and bands
  • Provision circuits
  • Conduct customer account management, forecast spending and financial obligations, and track and manage accounts receivable
  • Identify, control, and maintain the configuration of earth terminal facilities
  • Track and manage SATCOM assets

Tech Refresh

  • Provide recommendations leading to tech refresh cycles for all SATCOM terminals
  • Assist in determining the optimum periods for tech refresh and replacement of systems and components
  • Assist in ensuring that tech refresh cycles will install the most state of the art components
  • Ensure that tech refresh cycles will lead clients gracefully into the next generation of equipment.